Buoyant European Plastics Industry

Investment Up in Capital Equipment such as Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors

PRW reports that at the end of 2015, the European Plastics Industry is in a healthier position than 12 months earlier.  This is very positive news for plastic machinery manufacturers, with 53% of the European Plastics Distributors Association (EPDA) members reporting that they had increased expenditure on machinery compared to the same time the previous year.

As a supplier of Metal Separation equipment such as Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors, this increased demand has been a contributory factor to the record results for Bunting Magnetics Europe in 2015.

Bunting Drawer Magnet in a Plastics Operation

With the impending political tsunami, otherwise known as the UK’s EU referendum, dominating the headlines until the Summer, the effect of this uncertainty on investment in machinery is unclear.

Plastics manufacturers will always need equipment to both remove and detect metal, especially as investment will ultimately save money by reducing the amount of rejected material and reducing damage to processing plant such as granulators and injection moulding machines.  However, will companies just delay investment until after the UK referendum?

The news reported by PRW is really positive and it will be interesting to read about the level of investment and growth or decline in the Plastics sector during the first half of 2016.

Bunting Magnetics is a global supplier of Magnetic Separation and Metal Detection equipment for the Plastics Industry.  For further information on metal removal or detection, please contact the technical sales team on:

Phone: +44 (0) 1442 875081
Fax: +44 (0) 1442 875009
Email: sales@buntingeurope.com
Web: http://www.buntingeurope.com

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