Bunting Magnetic Separators at Pollutec

Developing Recycling Business in France with Distributor Pronix at Pollutec 2016

Bunting Europe’s distributor in France, Pronix, will be displaying a wide range of recycling equipment at the Pollutec 2016 expo in Lyon (29th November – 2nd December 2016) in Hall 3 Aisle D Stand 175.

The bi-annual Pollutec focuses on the reduction of the impact of human activities on the environment.  This encompasses a wide range of technologies for industry, local authorities and in the service sector.  The global range of exhibitors is extensive.

Dave Hills, Bunting’s Head of Sales, will be supporting Pronix on their Pollutec stand.

“Developing our [Bunting Europe] overseas business has been a primary focus in 2016.  Supporting Pronix in France, by providing Magnetic Separators to display on their stand and being present to assist with handling enquiries, is really important.  Success in developing business in export markets is based on providing good support to our local representatives.”

Providing metal separation solutions for the recycling industry is an important and expanding sector of the business for Bunting.

“Sales of Overband Magnets, Metal Detectors and Eddy Current Separators for recycling applications continues to grow,” explained Dave Hills.  “Introducing new technology such as the Stainless Steel (HISC) Separator has also increased awareness of what we have to offer.”

In 2016, Bunting has been prominent at major recycling and plastics exhibitions in Europe including Waste 16, RWM 2016 and K2016.  Earlier in November 2016, Dave Hills and client Roger Evans from Recapture Plastics spoke at a major recycling conference in The Netherlands about the challenges of setting up a plastics recycling operation.

Bunting Metal Separation System Recapture Plastics-4

“Attending Pollutec enables us to gain an understanding of the recycling and waste sectors in France,” said Dave.  “Speaking to visitors will help us appreciate the different challenges faced in France.  By working closely with our local distributor, Pronix, we can ensure that our Metal Separation solutions meet the needs of recycling companies in France.  I am really excited about the show.”

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Do Magnets Lose Strength Over Time

5th of 10 Magnetic Separator Myths

It is a question we frequently get asked:  When will the Magnetic Separator start losing its magnetic strength?  In normal operating conditions, a magnetic separator will not lose any magnetic strength.  However, there are occasions when other factors do affect the magnetic strength.  Such instances include:

  1. The use of bonded Rare Earth Magnets. These are lower in cost to manufacture and therefore cheaper to purchase.  They are supplied by many companies, stating that the magnets are ‘Rare Earth’.  However, as the magnet is only bonded (i.e. bonded together using a resin) it is not as strong or stable as being sintered.  ‘Ceramic’ Rare Earth Magnets, that have been produced using heat, are more stable and are what Bunting and other reputable magnetic separator suppliers use in their magnetic separators.  Bonded Magnets are ideal for many other applications;
  2. Physical damage. If a Magnetic Separator is dropped or hit, then this can result in the magnets inside breaking and this will affect the magnetic power.  Such damage often occurs when a Magnetic Separator is being cleaned.  Unknowingly, the Magnetic Separator is returned to the process line with the operator totally unaware that the magnetic separation capabilities have been seriously compromised.  Regular checks on the magnetic strength of the Magnetic Separators is recommended as part of an annual review and audit;
  3. Exposure to heat. When Rare Earth Magnets are exposed to heat over 80°C, there is a reduction in the magnetic strength.  When the temperature reduces, the magnetic field can recover.  However, if the temperature is very high then the magnetic strength will never recover back to the original state.  Typically Magnetic Separators are exposed to high temperatures if a process line is being cleaned using steam.  There are special Rare Earth Magnetic materials that are specially produced for high temperature applications, with Samarium-Cobalt being used in extreme circumstances;

Understanding the ability of a Magnetic Separator to hold its magnetic strength will help during the purchasing and maintenance processes.  Our Sales Team can provide help and assistance on:

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Other Magnetic Myths reviewed in this series include:



Developing Export Business in Spain

Bunting’s Spanish Distributor Visits UK for Training

The Bunting overseas Distributor network continues to grow and last week we were visited by Jordi Castells of SMED Tecnica in Spain.

Jordi’s visit to Berkhamsted was for training and strategic planning.  Business in Spain has been growing steadily and Dave Hills, our Head of Sales, has regularly visited the territory.

“It is fantastic to see Jordi here in the UK,” said Dave.  “Having Jordi in our European headquarters enables us to deliver an intense training programme.  The training covered Magnetic Separation and Metal Detection and included visiting UK customers with our sales team.”

SMED Tecnica specialises in providing solutions and equipment for solids handling (powder, granules, tablets, chips, fibers,  etc.) and slurries.  Many of SMED’s customers encounter problems with metal contamination.  Being able to advise and propose solutions with Magnetic Separators or Metal Detectors extends the service SMED is able to provide their customers.

The company name of SMED refers to a technique used in the food and pharmaceutical industry.   The ‘Single Minute Exchange of Die’ relates to rapidly changing equipment to eliminate downtime between production change such as with recipes and formulas.  The SMED team have the experience and knowledge to help companies improve their processes, achieve higher productivity and reduce manufacturing costs.

“Developing business in any overseas market is dependent upon having well respected and knowledgeable local representatives,” explained Dave.  “Jordi and the SMED team have that presence and have already had great success in developing business for both Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors.  There is huge potential that will be realised by us all working closely together.”

The week long training visit by Jordi from SMED followed the recent announcement of a new distributor being appointed in Denmark.  

“We anticipate announcing the appointment of additional distributors in the near future,” said Dave.  “We are in a period of exciting and substantial overseas expansion.”

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Bunting Appoint New Distributor in Denmark

New Distributor for Plastics Found at K2016

Developing a network of overseas distributors is vital to grow our Export business.  K2016 (the largest European Plastics show held in Germany in October 2016) gave us the opportunity to meet new potential distributors and representatives who have a knowledge and working expereince of the plastics sector.

At K2016, we were thrilled to meet and appoint the Normann & Kock Sales Director, Brian Toft as our new distributor in Denmark.

Normann & Kock ApS was founded in 2002 by Søren Kock, who since 1994 has been dealing with the sale of Demag injection molding machins and peripheral equipment for the plastics industry.

Normann & Kock is a dynamic agency business, which sells high-quality products. Besides having a strong product range, they put special emphasis on providing a 24 hours level of service.  With their industry knowledge, the company is able to increasingly deliver customized solutions with design and installation of complete production units.

The range of products and services offered by Normann & Koch perfectly compliments the range of Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors offered by Bunting for the Plastics Sector.

Bunting Grate Magnet
Grate Magnets or Magnetic Separators to capture ferrous metal contamination from free flowing materials

Dave Hills, our Head of Sales explained the importance of the new appointment.

“Having a well-respected and knowledgeable local distributor is the key to successfully develop business in a specific industrial and geographic sector.  K2016 was the perfect platform to meet plastic industry specialists.

Brian Toft from Normann and Kock explained their company ethos and it fitted perfectly with ours.  I am sure this will provide us with the ideal structure to develop business in Denmark.”

For more information on Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors used in the Plastics Industry or to discuss joining the Bunting distributor network, please contact us on:

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Export Success for Bunting Magnetics at the K2016 Plastics Show

Bunting Magnetics Europe Has Most Successful Show Ever

We surpassed all expectations when exhibiting at last month’s K2016 plastics show(19th and 26th October 2016 in Dusseldorf, Germany).

The trade fair K2016 presents the innovations of the international plastics and rubber industry and is held every 3 years in Germany.  The show is reported to be the World’s largest Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber.Bunting at K2016

On stand G16 in Hall 10 at K2016, we were exhibiting a range of equipment to separate metal contamination including Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors.  The equipment is used by companies manufacturing plastic and plastic products to remove metal.  This then prevents damage to granulators, extruders and other processing equipment, and also ensures the quality of the end product.  Metal Separators, including Eddy Current Separators, are used in plastics recycling to remove both ferrous and non-ferrous metals from primary and secondary plastic sources.

Dave Hills, our Head of Sales, who was on the stand for the whole show, was thrilled with the results of exhibiting.

“This was Bunting Europe’s most successful show ever.  We have an aggressive export strategy and exhibiting at major overseas exhibitions like K2016 is vitally important to our growth.  At K2016, we not only achieved but exceeded all of our objectives.  Firstly, we secured orders on the stand.  In total we sold 4 Quicktron Metal Detectors, 1 P-Tron Metal Detector and 13 FF Drawer Magnets.  We also have over 200 leads and our sales team and network of distributors will be contacting all the visitors to our stand over the next 2 weeks.”

Bunting at K2016

An important objective at the show was meeting existing and new distributors to expand the Bunting Europe overseas sales network.

“Over the past 12 months we have appointed a number of new distributors and many were present at K2016.  We met and appointed two new distributors in Denmark and Turkey.  Also, we met potential distributors for 6 other countries.  This would not have been possible without exhibiting at the show.

“K2016 also gave us the opportunity to meet and talk with other companies who supply equipment into the plastics sector.  The performance of a blender, granulator or extruder is affected by the presence of metal.  By working with the equipment suppliers and providing a metal separation solution, we help them provide the end-customer with a complete solution.”

On the Bunting stand at K2016, there were international visitors from across the World including Australia, South America, Canada, USA and China.

Dave Hills explained the reasons for Bunting’s positive export outlook.

“There has been a great deal of negativity about UK exports in the media since Brexit.  There is no doubt that there are some concerns, but the feedback from the show has been very positive.  Customers and distributors are not overly concerned about the UK leaving the EU.  K2016 demonstrated that export success is based upon being present and seen in the market.”

The successful K2016 show in October 2016 follows Bunting’s record sales month in September 2016.  Sales in September were 25% above normal levels and 10% higher than the previous record.

For further information please contact the Bunting team on:

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Bunting at K2016

Talking Plastics Recycling in Rotterdam

Customer Recapture Plastics Speaks at Plastics Recycling Conference

Leading industry publication. Recycling Today, organised a conference in Rotterdam, The Netherlands discussing the challenges of plastics recycling.  Plastics Recycling Conference Europe (2-3 November 2016) features speakers from companies across the World, bringing together a wealth of plastic recycling knowledge.

Our Head of Sales, Dave Hills, was supporting one of our customers, Recapture Plastics.  Roger Evans of Recapture has many years of experience in plastics recycling and was giving a presentation on setting up a plant in the UK.

Recapture Plastics purchased a Metal Separation Module (Drum Magnet and Eddy Current Separator) and a Metal Separator to remove metal contamination from reclaimed plastic.  The equipment formed one part of an extensive recycling process.

Bunting Metal Separation System Recapture Plastics

Roger was speaking in a section of the conference looking at the economics of plastics recycling.  A great deal of the conference had focused on addressing the issue of packaging plastics (eg bags and film), but Roger explained how his recycling operation in Kent is based around recycling hard plastics.

Hard plastics contribute around 42% to the total amount of plastic waste.  Roger identified this as a niche market.  It took 2 years to develop and start the plant from the initial concept and, during this period, Recapture had to overcome a series of hurdles.

Setting up the plant and developing the process to produce a valuable product took time.  Having a close working relationship with the equipment suppliers was vital as the process was adjusted to deliver the best result.

There are also many financial challenges that Recapture had to overcome.  There were the initial setup costs, including the cost of the processing equipment.  Once the plant was operational, they had to pay up front for waste material to process.  Delivery of material could take 4 weeks and then payment for the sale was usually 30 days post delivery, stretching the cash flow.  Such financial challenges make it difficult for smaller businesses to open plastics recycling operations.

The Kent plant has now been operational for nearly 12 months and is producing high quality plastic flake.  Roger is already looking at replicating the plant at 2 locations in the UK.

As highlighted at the K Plastics Show, Plastics Recycling is not given the level of importance it needs.  Plastic waste continues to hit the headlines in a negative way and the establishment of plastics recycling plants like Recapture Plastics is essential.

For more information on Metal Separation equipment used at the Recapture Plastics recycling operation in Kent, or to discuss a specific project, please contact us on:

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Record Sales Month for Bunting

Magnet and Magnetic Separator Manufacturer Hits New Heights

We are thrilled to announce that we recorded our highest ever monthly sales in September 2016.  The end-of-month sales figure surpassed seven digits and exceeded the previous highest month by 10%.

Simon Ayling, our Managing Director, explained the reasons for the continued growth.

“September 2016 was the culmination of a period of sustained sales growth.  Despite the negativity surrounding the recent Brexit vote, sales in both our domestic and export markets continue to be strong.  And feedback from our network of overseas representatives remains very positive.”

Bunting has two distinct divisions within our business.  The first specialises in providing Total Magnet and Magnetic Solutions and the company has been designing, manufacturing and supplying permanent and holding magnets and magnetic assemblies into a wide range of industries for over 50 years.  The second division provides Metal Separation solutions to the processing and manufacturing industries including Plastics, Recycling and Food with a range of Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors.

Bunting Grate Magnet
Grate Magnets or Magnetic Separators to capture ferrous metal contamination from free flowing materials

“Sales in September were approximately 35% up on our normal monthly run-rate.  We experienced strong demand from existing customers and a growth in new customers.  Sales of Metal Separation equipment into the Food, Plastics and Recycling industries were higher than normal.

“We also completed the design and manufacture of a bespoke, high voltage magnetising system for use in a high performance energy generation business.  This was despatched to the client in September for installation before the end of the year.  We are one of a small number of companies in the world who are able to handle projects for magnetisers.

At our manufacturing headquarters in Hertfordshire, we also design and supply a wide range of bespoke technical magnetic assemblies.  Simon explained the importance of this section of the business.

“In the UK, one part of our design team is focused on developing specialist magnetic assemblies.  Many British based businesses want to work with a UK based design team on development projects, resulting in sales growth.  Our expertise also means that we are able to support and supply many overseas clients in Europe and beyond.”

Simon remains very optimistic about the future, despite the reported concerns about economic downturns since the UK voted to leave the EU.

“We have just attended a very successful recycling exhibition called RWM and have just returned from a major plastics exhibition [K2016, Dusseldorf, 19th – 26th October 2016] in Germany.  We continue to work hard to maintain our growth, expanding our global network of representatives and our product portfolio.  We have a proactive marketing and sales plan and great team that keep us moving forward.”

For further information on Bunting Magnetics’ continued growth, please contact us on:

Bunting Magnetics Europe at RWM16
Bunting Magnetics Europe displaying Magnetic Separators at the UK recycling and waste exhibition RWM16 (Sept 13-15 2016)