Exhibitions Drive Bunting Success in 2016

A Review of UK and Export Exhibitions Attended by Bunting Europe in 2016

Exhibiting at Trade Shows can be one of the most budget sapping activities in a Marketing budget.  However, being seen at the right Trade Show is one of the best ways to connect with existing and potential customers.

In 2016, Bunting Europe exhibited at 7 Trade Shows including:

Southern Manufacturing, UK (February 2016)Bunting_Magnetics_Europe_Southern_Manufacturing_2016-9293

The launch of a new range of Magnetic Sheet Fanners alongside the extensive display of magnets and magnetic assemblies helped generate 50% more leads than in 2015.  Bunting will be present at the 2017 show in February.

ProPak, South Africa (March 2016)

The first overseas exhibition of the year was in South Africa with new distributor Eder Design.  Dave Hills was in attendance and was able to identify the opportunities for Bunting and Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors in the plastics sector.

Waste 16, UK (June 2016)

The first waste and recycling event of 2016 was the show organised by Skip Hire Magazine in Manchester.  Bunting was a headline sponsor for the first time.  The show provided an ideal opportunity to meet companies in the waste and recycling sector from the industrial heartland of the North.  Bunting is also a headline sponsor for the 2017 show in Old Trafford, Manchester.

RWM 2016, UK (September 2016)

Demonstration was the key to success at RWM, the largest waste and recycling show in the UK.  The High Intensity Separation Conveyor was working separating stainless steel and weakly magnetic materials.  Also the Twin Pole Overband Magnet could be seen lifting small nuts and bolts.

K2016, Germany (October 2016)

The K Show is the largest Trade Exhibition devoted to Plastics and runs every 3-years.  This year proved to be particularly successful and resulted with the appointment of several new distributors across Europe.

Pollutec, France (November 2016)

At the end of November, Dave Hills (Bunting’s Head of Sales) was in France to support local distributor Pronix at the international waste and recycling show.  This was the first time that Bunting had been present at Pollutec, which provided the ideal platform to understand the waste and recycling sector in France.

Plast Eurasia 2016, Turkey (December 2016)

The final Trade Show of the year was in Istanbul, Turkey at Asia’s largest plastic exhibition.  Dave Hills was on the stand supporting new local distributor Tepro Makine.

“At the start of 2016, our aim was to increase our [Bunting] visibility and that is what we have done,” explained Dave Hills.  “Supporting our new and existing distributors at their local Trade Shows has proven really successful.  2017 is going to another very busy year of Trade Shows for Bunting Europe.”

Bunting’s first Trade Show of 2017 is Arabplast in Dubai, UAE.

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Bunting Metal Separators on Show at Arabplast 2017

Developing Export Business in the Middle East Plastics Sector

Bunting Magnetics Europe will be exhibiting at Arabplast 2017 in Dubai, UAE (8-10 January 2017) on stand 4D 145.  This is part of our continued export business development plan and is the first time we have exhibited in the Middle East.

Bunting FF Drawer Grate Magnet

Arabplast 2017 is the premier show in the Middle East for the Plastics, Petrochemicals and Rubber industries.  The show is held every 2 years at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Dave Hills, Bunting’s Head of Sales, explained the reasons for exhibiting at Arabplast in 2017.

“In 2016, we have had great success in developing new overseas distribution channels and this has increased orders.  We identified the plastics sector in the Middle East as offering great opportunities.  The sector is rapidly developing and we believe that our products [metal separation equipment] are ideally suited to helping companies improve their production processes and product quality.  Arabplast offers us the ideal opportunity to introduce ourselves into the market.”

From the European manufacturing headquarters in the UK, Bunting supply a wide range of Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors.  The Magnetic Separators are inserted into plastic processing lines to capture and remove magnetically susceptible metals like steel and work-hardened stainless steel.  Metal Detectors are used to identify and reject both ferrous and non-ferrous metal.  The two technologies are used in conjunction with each other at various stages within a plastics process.

We also supply Metal Separation equipment for plastics recycling.  In a typical plastics recycling process, the metal separation requirements are often more challenging.  The Eddy Current Separator is used to separate non-ferrous metals from shredded reclaimed plastic and is commonly incorporated into a Metal Separation Module with a high strength Drum Magnet as at Recapture Plastic in the UK.

Bunting Metal Separation System Recapture Plastics

Dave Hills is excited at the opportunity of developing business in new overseas markets.

“At the K Show in Germany [Oct 2016], we met and appointed a number of new distributors to expand our export sales network.  By exhibiting at Arabplast we are demonstrating our commitment to the market.  It also gives us the opportunity to understand the needs and expectations of the customers in the Middle East.  To successfully export, you need to visit your target markets.”

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Perfect Plastics Plant

Bunting Metal Separator Cleaning Sodium Bicarbonate in Pakistan

Exporting Metal Detectors

We have supplied Metal Detectors to a company in Pakistan to identify and remove rogue metal from refined Sodium Bicarbonate.

During any mineral processing process there is the potential of introducing metal contamination.  The metal can be a mix of ferrous and non-ferrous and can cause serious problems damaging other processing equipment including screens and mills, as well as affecting the quality of the end product.quicktron05a_sodium-bicarbonate-2

The fine nature of the Sodium Bicarbonate was also an issue, precluding certain designs of Magnetic Separator and Metal Detector.

After a detailed review of the application by their technical team, Bunting recommended the Quicktron Model 05A Metal Separator.  This high sensitivity Metal Separator is designed for free-flowing, gravity fed bulk materials, such as Sodium Bicarbonate, and had the ability to detect and remove a wide range of metals including ferrous, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass.

In operation, the Sodium Bicarbonate falls down an inlet pipe into the Electromagnetic Field of the Metal Separator search coil.  Any metal alters the high frequency magnetic field generated by the search coil signalling contamination.  A signal then is sent to the double actuating air cylinder of the reject assembly underneath the unit.  The metal contamination, with a minimal amount of clean material, is then diverted out of the clean material flow and into a waste collection area.  Often this is recycled to reduce product loss.  The reject time is adjustable to suit each specific application.  After the metal has been removed, the reject flap returns to the normal position, once again allowing clean product to flow through.

David Hills, our Head of Sales explained the importance of the export order:  “Being able to offer global support and assistance to companies in different parts of the world differentiates us from other suppliers.  This particular application was particularly challenging due to the fine nature of the product.  It was vital to remove the metal contamination without losing high amounts of clean product and this is the reason for selecting the Quicktron Metal Separator.”

The is one of a range of Metal Detectors supplied by Bunting Magnetics.  They are often used in conjunction with Magnetic Separators such as Drawer Magnets, where ferrous metal is removed to enable the Metal Detector to be specifically tuned to identify and remove non-ferrous metal.

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Is a Magnetic Field Uniform along the Surface of a Tube Magnet?

6th of 10 Magnetic Separator Myths

On a typical Cartridge or Tube Magnet, the magnetic field on the surface is not even along the whole length.  As shown on the photograph, magnetically attracted materials agglomerate at specific points along the length.  So why is that?


A Cartridge or Tube Magnetic Separator is constructed by placing an alternating series of magnet slugs and steel discs inside a stainless steel tube.  Each magnet slug has a North and South pole and is inserted into the tube so that the South Pole faces another South pole and visa-versa.  When the magnet slugs are very strong, as in the case of the Bunting Cartridge Magnetic Separators which use high strength Neodymium Iron Boron or Rare Earth Magnets, the assembly requires a great deal of skill and knowledge.  In between each magnet slug is a steel disc which acts as a magnetic pole, intensifying the magnetic field.  As shown on the photograph below, the magnetic field is drawn into each steel pole positioned between each magnet slug, with magnetic field lines arcing from the North to the South Pole.


Any magnetically susceptible particle moving into the lines of magnetic field will be attracted to the point of highest intensity, which is at the nearest pole.  Hence why magnetically captured particles are then seen to agglomerate at specific points along the surface of a Cartridge or Tube Magnetic Separators.  They have been held at the point of the highest magnetic field, which is between the magnet slugs and actually on the steel pole piece.

Hence why a magnetic field is not uniform along the surface of a Magnetic Separator like the Tube Magnet.

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When assessing the right Magnetic Separator for an application, please speak with one of our trained sales engineers who can assess your requirements and recommend the Magnetic Separator that is right for you.

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Bunting Featuring at Plast Eurasia 2016

Supporting New Distributor for the Turkish Plastics Sector

Bunting Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors, designed to ‘Get The Metal Out’ of Plastic, will be on display on the Tepro Makine stand (Hall 2-3-4 – Stand : 209-213-304B-401E) at Plast Eurasia 2016 (7-10 December 2016, Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center in Istanbul, Turkey).

“The Turkish Plastics sector is vibrant and Plast Eurasia gives us the opportunity to introduce Bunting to a new export market,” explained our Head of Sales, Dave Hills.

Dave met the new Turkish distributor, Tepro Makine at the recent K2016 Plastics Show in Germany.

“I met Sadrettin Nikbay [Tepro Makine’s Sales Director] on our stand at K2016 and was impressed with his knowledge of the Plastics sector and his understanding of the need for good Metal Separation,” said Dave.  “They subsequently purchased stock for the Plast Eurasia show (FF Drawer Grate Magnets) which we will be demonstrating.  Since the K2016 show, we have been discussing a number of Magnetic Separator and Metal Detector projects in Turkey.  The level of interest has been fantastic.”

FF Drawer Grate Magnet

Tepro Makine had been looking for a high quality Magnetic Separator and Metal Detector supplier to work with in Turkey.  Quality and proficiency were both important and Bunting’s knowledge and experience of solving Metal Contamination problems in the plastics sector was important.

Bunting Magnetic Separators such as the FF Drawer Grate Magnet are classed as ‘industry standards’ for the Plastics industry.  The Magnetic Separator range is complemented with Metal Detectors, with the 2 technologies often working together to provide the best metal separation solution.  For Plastics recycling, Bunting has supplied Eddy Current Separators to remove non-ferrous metals and the High Intensity Separation Conveyor (HISC) for removing stainless steel.

The appointment of Tepro Makine and the attendance at Plast Eurasia 2016 is part of Bunting’s ongoing strategy for overseas business growth.

“It is fantastic to have Tepro Makine on board as one of our distributors and we are looking forward to developing business in the plastics industry in Turkey,” said Dave.

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Bunting Magnetics Europe at RWM16
HISC (Stainless Steel Separator) in action at RWM2016 exhibition