Exhibitions for Bunting in 2017

Where Bunting Will Showcase Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors in 2017

After a successful series of exhibitions and conferences in 2016, we have planned a very busy schedule for 2017.  The provisional plan is:

Arabplast (Dubai, UAE, 8-10 January)

This plastics industry focused show in the Middle East proved to be really successful.  Not only did we develop new customer and distributor relationships, but we sold Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors that were on display.


Exposolidos (Barcelona, Spain, 14-16 February)

We will be at the solids and powder handling show in Spain with our local representative SMED Tecnica.

Southern Manufacturing (Farnborough, UK, 21-23 March)

One of our regular shows where we display Magnets and Magnetic Assemblies alongside our Metal Separation Equipment.

International Auto Recycling Congress (Berlin, Germany, 22-24 March)

With the recent acquisition of Master Magnets (UK Magnetic Separator manufacturer), we have a wide range of Metal Separation equipment ideal for secondary metal recycling including Scrap Drums, Electro Magnets, Eddy Current Separators, and the HISC Stainless Steel Separator.

Waste 17 (Manchester, UK, 8 June)

We are thrilled to be a headline sponsor of Waste 17.

FIP Solution Plastique (Lyon, France, 13-16 June)

A plastics focused event, which we will be attending alongside our local distributor BMS.  The plastics sector continues to be one of the most important for Metal Separation Equipment.

RWM (NEC, Birmingham, UK, 12-14 September)

At the Waste and Recycling show we will be arm-in-arm with Master Magnets providing the sector with the most extensive range of metal separation and recovery equipment.

Interplas (NEC, Birmingham, UK 26-28 September)

Bunting Grate Magnet
Grate Magnets or Magnetic Separators to capture ferrous metal contamination from free flowing materials

Just a couple of weeks later, we return to the NEC for the largest plastics-focused trade show in the UK.  The show is already reporting a significant growth in exhibitors reflecting the present optimism in the industry.

Kunststoffen (Veldhoven, The Netherlands, 27-28 September)

At the same time as Interplas, we will be supporting S-Point, our distributor in The Netherlands, at the international plastics show being held in the Benelux.

Notifications of other shows will be released during the year.

For further information on the programme of exhibitions and trade shows for 2017, or any aspect of Magnetic Separation or Metal Detection, please contact us on:


Sales Growth for Bunting Europe in 2016

Record 2016 Performance Despite Challenging Economic and Political Environments

“Our success in 2016 is built on the sales and marketing foundations built over the past three years,” reported Simon Ayling, Bunting Europe’s Managing Director,

Bunting Europe has reported another year of growth in 2016, with a record level of sales recorded in September 2016.

“Despite the political and economic concerns about Brexit and the USA, we have strengthened our export network of distributors and have subsequently seen a growth in orders,” said Simon.

In 2016, Bunting attended a number of trade shows both under the Bunting name and alongside locally based distributors.

“Over the past three years we have worked hard on improving our company profile.  We are now attending more trade shows than ever before.  This is supported with very active marketing, especially using social media platforms.  In 2016, we revamped our main website and that had a significant effect on the number of visitors.”

Through attending trade shows and also proactively searching, the Bunting distributor network has expanded significantly.  New representatives have been appointed in Denmark, Poland, Turkey, and the Netherlands, and additional support has been given to existing distributors in Spain and France.jordi-castells-smed

“Earlier this month we attended our first trade show for the plastics sector in the Middle East [Arabplast] which was a great success.  Our increase in Export sales has happened because we are out there, in the market place, speaking with distributors and customers,” explained Simon.

In terms of products, sales in Metal Detectors into the Food, Plastics and Pharmaceutical industry have grown significantly.  This is partly due to additional training of the Bunting sales team to improve customer service and support.

The Bunting Europe business is divided into Processing Equipment (Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors) and Magnet/Magnetic Assemblies.

“We had seen a significant growth in business from new customers for Magnetic Assemblies.  These range from one off development projects for universities to contracts with major aerospace manufacturers,” said Simon.

“Our new range of modular magnetising chargers and equipment for pre and post assembly of magnetic assemblies have also proved to be very successful and we anticipate further growth in sales for these in 2017.”

Earlier this month [January 2017] Bunting Europe announced the acquisition of UK Magnetic Separator and Metal Detector manufacturer, Master Magnets UK.


“We have everything in place to make 2017 another successful year for Bunting Europe,” said Simon.

For further information on Magnetic Separators or Metal Detectors or Magnets and Magnetic Assemblies, please contact our technical sales team on:

Magnetic Separators at Southern Manufacturing and Electronics

Metal Separation Solutions from Bunting Magnetics

A range of Bunting Magnetic Separators will be displayed on stand U74 at the Southern Manufacturing & Electronics show held at FIVE in Farnborough, UK (21st to 23rd March 2017).

Magnetic Separators are used extensively in the process industry to capture problematic ferrous and magnetically-susceptible materials.  At the exhibition, Bunting will be displaying and demonstrating the magnetic strength of a Tube Cartridge MagnetsPlate Magnets and FF Drawer Grate Magnets.

Metal Found in Plastic Recycling Bunting Magnetics-2
Typical Metal Contamination

“Metal contamination is a real problem,” explained Dave Hills, Bunting’s Head of Sales.  “Not only does it damage processing equipment and affect product quality, but is can also prove costly in both monetary and reputation terms.”

Magnetic Separators are used in a wide range of industries including:

Perfect Plastics Plant
Plastics Flowsheet with Magnetic Separator and Metal Detector locations

“There are many different designs of Magnetic Separator for specific locations within a process plant.  We often provide free assistance visiting plants and working out the best and most practical location for the metal separators,” said Dave.

Bunting has been attending the Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Show for many years.  Also on display on the stand will be a selection of Magnets, Magnetic Assemblies, and Factory Magnet Solutions.  Many of these items are sold online through the eMagnets UK website.

“At Bunting we specialise in all things magnetic, whether that is a Neodymium Magnet Disc or a Rare Earth Plate Magnet.  Southern Manufacturing is one of the few shows where we display products from across all our range, from Magnets to Magnetic Chucks to Tube Magnets.”

For further information on Magnetic Separators or Metal Detectors, please visit the Bunting stand or contact our technical sales team on:

Bunting Europe at PRE 2015-2520

We Guarantee 100% Metal Separation

7th of 10 Magnetic Separator Myths

In the perfect world, installing a Magnetic Separator will enable 100% metal separation with 0% product loss.  However, is this even remotely possible?100-with-a-smile

Often as part of a project specification, there will be a question asking about the level and percentage of metal separation.  In some projects, the expected metal separation target is even stated.

The response from Magnetic Separator suppliers will include a statement regarding the level and percentage of Metal Separation, often without any qualification.  So what should the answer be?

There are a number of questions that need asking before the level of Metal Separation can be estimated and these include:

  1. What is the Metal Separation objective? Is it to remove problematic metal and protect processing equipment as when processing food, pharmaceuticals, or plastics?  Or is to recover as much metal as possible, which may be the objective in a recycling operation?
  2. How much product or non-metallic material can be lost? The non-metallic material might be the product or it could be the waste.  It is commonly found that higher Metal Separation rates are often accompanied by a higher loss of the non-metallic materials;
  3. What purity of end product is required? In recycling, the aim is to achieve recovery of metal, but at what point does the value of the recovered metal become affected by the level of contamination?  In the food and plastics industry, the final product quality is paramount;f33a6163
  4. How is the stated Metal Separation figure in terms of separation and/or purity monitored once the equipment is installed? Commonly, very high separation percentages are quoted by suppliers as it is well recognised that once the equipment has been installed the actual separation rate will never be checked;

Just asking these four questions enables a really good initial assessment of the application.  Then it is possible to make a recommendation in terms of the design of Magnetic Separator, and the mode of installation and operation.

Importantly, if a Metal Separation target is a key part of the contract, ensure that there is an agreed process to check the level of separation once the Magnetic Separator is installed.

With regards to the original statement, ‘We Guarantee 100% Metal Separation’, this is a claim made by only the brave or ill-advised.  Processing materials such as food, recyclables, minerals, aggregates, chemicals and plastics can be carefully controlled, but is always subject to variations that can affect any part of the process including the level of metal separation.  Even by installing multiple magnetic separators of different designs, achieving a 100% Metal Separation is simply a myth.

For further information on Metal Separation or to assess the right Magnetic Separator for an application, please contact us on:

Phone: +44 (0) 1442 875081
Email: sales@buntingeurope.com
Via the website

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Overseas Exhibition Success at Arabplast for Bunting

Sales Made on the Stand at Dubai Plastics Show

When display equipment is bought and paid for at the exhibition, you know that it has been a good show.

This was the first time that Bunting Europe had attended any exhibition in the Middle East.  With a focus on plastics, Arabplast was the ideal show to promote our range of Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors.

With the UAE producing 25% of all plastics in the Gulf, staging the exhibition at the impressive World Trade Centre in Dubai was ideal.  There are over 600 plastics factories in the UAE with further expansion planned.

“Arabplast gave us a real opportunity to learn about the plastics sector in the Middle East,” said Dave Hills, our Head of Sales.  “There was a good footfall in the show with visitors from across the region.”bunting_europe_at_arabplast_2017-1321-2

Bunting was the only company exhibiting Magnetic Separation equipment at the show.  As a UK exporter, exhibiting at overseas shows is vitally important.

“Being at Arabplast enabled us to learn about the market.  We found that visitors were searching for quality products and industry knowledge.  There was a high level of interest in our Drawer Filter Magnets, especially when we demonstrated the strength of the Tube Magnets and how easy the system was to clean,” said Dave.

Display equipment was also purchased off the stand.

Dave Hills conducting a Metal Separator test whilst being filmed by the client

“It is unusual to sell equipment at a show,” explained Dave, “but at Arabplast we sold two systems.  The client who purchased the Metal Separator [a combination of a FF Drawer Magnet mounted above a Quicktron Metal Detector] first visited us on Sunday.  He then returned on Monday, first just to discuss the system in greater detail and then to test a sample.  On Tuesday, we met the company’s Sales Manager, Purchasing Manager and CEO.  They ordered, paid and then collected the Metal Separator at the end of the show.”

Another customer also purchased one of the FF Drawer Grate Magnets.

“Next time we need to bring more stock,” said Dave.

Arabplast is held every two years and Bunting will be back in 2019.

“This is a developing market and we are really excited by the potential.  We intend to start appointing distributors across the region to provide local support.”

For further information on Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors used in the plastics industry , please contact our Technical Sales Team on:

Phone: +44 (0) 1442 875081

Email: sales@buntingeurope.com

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Bunting Acquires Master Magnets

UK Magnetic Separator Manufacturer Joins Global Bunting Operation

In a momentous agreement, Bunting® Magnetics Co. announces the signing of an agreement to acquire Master Magnets Ltd.  Master Magnets is a UK-based manufacturer of magnetic separation equipment.  Based in Redditch, United Kingdom, Master Magnets Ltd manufactures an extensive range of permanent and electro magnetic separation equipment, and metal detection equipment.  They specialise in solving metal and mineral separation problems in industries such as recycling, mineral process, mining, quarrying and bulk handling.  Master Magnets have a global network of distributors who will now join the Bunting team.

The acquisition will build on and complement Bunting Magnetics Co.’s global foundation already in place through broadened customer reach, new manufacturing capabilities and the opportunity to sell into new markets.

“We’re thrilled to add Master Magnets Ltd to our family of companies,” commented Bob Bunting, President & CEO, Bunting Magnetics Co. “We value the longstanding success of Master Magnets Ltd and are committed to sharing engineering and manufacturing strengths while providing their employees the resources they need to build on this success.”

“Plus, Master Magnets Ltd perfectly complements Bunting Magnetics in terms of innovation, quality, products and providing magnetic solutions through individual components and complete systems. Joining forces decisively extends Bunting’s status as a leading global supplier of magnetic equipment and is a significant milestone in the company’s history,” he added.

Simon Ayling, Managing Director of Bunting Magnetics Europe, who will assume operations management responsibility of this new division, said, “Master Magnets Ltd has deep customer relationships in new markets for us such as mining, quarrying and aggregate. We are especially excited to now be able offer a large range of ATEX approved electromagnets and mineral separation equipment, as well as the company being a recognised, trusted brand in magnetic separation which has remarkable products created by remarkable people. It’s exciting to combine our strengths and expertise. Together, we have nearly 100 years of experience in magnetic separation.”

Master Magnets Ltd was founded in 1978 and currently has 26 employees. The company designs, manufacturers and services a complete line of industrial magnetic separation equipment including Eddy Current Separators, Permanent and Electro Magnets, including Overband Magnets, Drum Magnets and Suspension Magnets. The company also supplies a full range of Mineral Separation Equipment for customers all around the world. The company will continue to operate out of its Redditch, UK headquarters.

Large Suspended Electro Magnets designed and manufactured by Master Magnets

Adrian Coleman, General Manager, Master Magnets Ltd, said, “This acquisition is excellent news for the Master Magnets team, who are joining a company with international standing and a shared vision for growth. We will continue to focus on ensuring our UK operations perform seamlessly for our customers who will also benefit from this new partnership. We’re excited for this new future that awaits Master Magnets as part of the Bunting family.”

The announcement comes after Bunting Europe recently announced a record sales month in September 2016.

For more information on the acquisition, please contact the Bunting Press Officer, Paul Fears, on:

Email:  press@buntingeurope.com

Tel: +44 7909 103789