Record Number of Exhibitions for Bunting in 2018

Where To Meet Bunting and Master Magnets in 2018

In 2018, the Bunting and Master Magnets team will be exhibiting at 14 industry shows across Europe.

“This will be our most active year for exhibitions,” said Dave Hills, Bunting’s Head of Sales.  “Being visible at exhibitions and congresses in 2016 and 2017 has been really important in building our identity and growing our sales.  We want to take our technology to our potential customers and show them what it can do.”

The full exhibition and congress schedule is:


Bunting at IERC Jan 1817th International Electronics Recycling Congress IERC2018 (Salzburg, Austria, 17-19 January).  The first congress of the year focused on E-waste (see the report – Changes in E Waste Management Highlighted at IERC 2018).  There was considerable interest in the Stainless Steel Separator;


Ceramitec (Munich, Germany, 10-13 April).  The leading international trade fair for ceramics and non-metallic minerals.  On show will be the Master Magnets range of mineral processing Magnetic Separators;


IFAT (Munich, Germany, 14-18 May).  The largest waste and recycling show in Europe.  Bunting now has one of the most complete ranges of Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors for recycling including the:

Bunting Master Magnets at RWM17


Hillhead (Hillhead Quarry, Buxton, UK, 26-28 June).  The premier event for the aggregates and quarrying industry in the UK.  Master Magnets has attended for many years, exhibiting their industry-standard Metal Detectors and Overband Magnets;


July is a busy month with two exhibitions:

CARS (NAEC, Stoneleigh, UK, 11-12 July).  The Complete Auto Recycling Show focuses on the recovery, dismantling and recycling of the car.  Separating the metals is a vital stage of the process where companies use the Stainless Steel Separator, Eddy Current Separators, and Scrap Drum Magnets;

WasteExpo (Warwickshire Exhibition Centre, near Leamington Spa, UK 5th July).  The waste and skip trade exhibition run by Skip Hire Magazine where we are headline sponsors alongside Master Magnets.


RWM (NEC, Birmingham, UK, 12-13 September).  The largest waste and recycling exhibition in the UK.  Bunting and Master Magnets have been long-term supporters of the show and will have working Magnetic Separators on the stand.


Fakuma (Friedrichshafen, Germany, 16-20 October).  One of the leading plastics technology events in the world.  Bunting will be exhibiting Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors used to remove metal contamination during the virgin plastic production process and also separators used during plastics recycling.


This will be a busy month for overseas exhibitions with events in Italy and France.

Ecomondo (Rimini, Italy, 6-9 November).  An international event with an innovative format that brings together all sectors of the circular economy in a single platform: from material and energy recovery to sustainable development.  The show is the ideal platform to promote Magnetic Separation equipment used in the recycling sector and we will be supporting our new representative, Ital Goods.;

Emballage (Paris, France, 26-29 November).  The international trade show gathers together industry stakeholders from the food, liquids, cosmetics, beauty, luxury goods, healthcare, pharmaceutical, retail and consumer goods sectors, offering them 4 days of meetings, demonstrations, innovation and presentations.  We will be on the stand of our local distributor, Pronix.  Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors are used extensively in the processing industries;

Pollutec (Lyon, France, 27-30 November).  The international trade show for environmental and energy stakeholders working for economic performance.  The final recycling focused event of 2018 and we will be supporting our local distributor BMS France;


img_1144Plast Eurasia (Istanbul, Turkey, 5-8 December).  The major plastic show for Turkey and the Middle East.  Bunting has exhibited previously and will be helping visitors solve their metal contamination problems.  As in 2016, we will be on the stand of our local representative Tepro Makine.

“It is an ambitious and exhibiting exhibition schedule for 2018,” explained Dave.  “With the Master Magnets product range we are now able to offer total metal separation solutions.  Attending leading industry exhibitions is vital to understand the needs of the industry and demonstrate how we can help.”

For further information on any of the listed exhibitions or any aspect of Metal Separation or Detection, please contact us on:

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Our 2017 Review

A Look Back at Our News & Blogs from 2017

2017 has been another busy and exciting time for Bunting Magnetics Europe with some great news stories.  In this blog we look back at the past 12 months and review the stories that hit our headlines.


bunting_master_magnetsWe started the year by announcing that Bunting had acquired leading UK Magnetic Separator and Metal Detection company Master Magnets.  This changed the Magnetic Separator landscape in Europe.

At the same time, the Bunting team was exhibiting at the Arabplast exhibition in Dubai.  The plastics focused event was attended and visited by plastics professionals across the region.  Sales were even made on the stand!

Our 7th of our 8 Magnetic Separator Myths examined the impossibility of achieving 100% metal separation.

To finish off January, we announced record sales in 2016 despite the backdrop of Brexit and political uncertainty.


We started the month with our 8th Magnetic Separator myth, asking if it was possible to block a magnetic field.

Bunting also joined the British Plastics Federation, reflecting our longtime involvement in the sector providing metal separation solutions.

Bunting at Exposolidos 2017

Our exhibition focus in the month was Exposolidos in Spain with our local representative SMED Tecnica.

In February, we also asked the question of whether our Environmental future is simple down to design?  This was written in response to the growing awareness of the environmental impact of waste that would gradually intensify through the year.

We finished off the month with the launch of the Teardrop Tube Magnet, ideal for use in fine powders where bridging might be an issue.


The strength of a Magnetic Separator is often expressed in ‘gauss’.  However, the vast majority of people are unable to measure gauss and so we showed a simple practical way to check the magnetic power using a simple spring balance.

Our 9th Magnetic Separator myth highlighted the dangers of strong Magnets and our 10th myth looked at ways to easily and safely clean captured metal off  Magnetic Separators.

We also investigated a US FDA report stating the ‘Ingesting Metal Fragments Can Cause Injury‘.

In March, we exhibited at the Southern Manufacturing and Electronics show in Farnborough UK.


Metal is commonly found in spices and we examined a typical plant and identified the best locations for Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors.

We also reported that we sold a record number of Plate Magnets in 2016 for export to Indonesia and 28 In-Line Magnets to a German baby food producer.

New Bunting Sales EmployeesWith the continued growth of the business, we were thrilled to announce the appointment of two new sales engineers, Tom Higginbottom and Gordon Kerr.

In April, UK supermarket Morrisons was hit by a metal-in-food scare and we looked at how this could have happened and ways in which such a problem could have been prevented.


Our Food Safety theme continued in May when, during a metal separation survey, we found large amounts of metal safely captured when processing rice.  Our Perfect Plant review assessed the best methods and equipment location to ensure that metal is removed from Processed Vegetables.

Exports continued to proved successful with the shipment of a HFS Drawer Magnet to a Plastics recycling company in France.

Our technical review in May reviewed the effect of high temperatures on Rare Earth Magnetic Separators.


There was a political flavour to news in June after the UK’s general election and we investigated what the leading parties were promising with regards to the environment.  At the same time, Bunting and Master Magnets were jointly exhibiting at Waste 17, a major UK recycling show in Manchester.

The week after, Bunting supported local representative BMS France at the FIP Solution Plastique exhibition in Lyon, France.

To mark the UK’s Food Safety Week, we reviewed recent cases of ‘metal’-in-food’ and the potential implications for the manufacturer, sales outlet, and customer.


Denis_Elkins_Bunting_Magnetics_Europe-2176In July, we were thrilled to announce the successful transition to ISO9001 2015 Quality and the ISO14001 2015 Environmental Standards.

In the media there was increasing attention on the issue of plastic waste in the environment and we commented on the necessity of a global strategy for Plastic Waste.


The environmental theme continued in August asking if the UK could realistically increase their metal packaging recycling rate by 10% by 2020.


As a prelude to RWM17, the UK’s largest waste and recycling show, we looked at 3 UK Waste and Recycling Facts such as asking how much waste do we actually generate?

Bunting Master Magnets at RWM17

After exhibiting at RWM, there were many questions being asked by exhibitors and visitors about the future of the event despite the importance of recycling and the global waste problem.


Bunting Magnetics Europe at Interplas 2017

The UK’s leading plastics show, Interplas, is held every 3 years and, as in previous years, it was very well supported by both exhibitors and visitors.  The environmental issues associated with plastic waste was gathering momentum.

Removing metal from fine powders can be extremely difficult and we produced a technical report looking at the best techniques and ideal equipment.

Tom Higginbottom attended the successful Bulk Solids & Powders show SyMas in Poland with the local Bunting representative TEKPRO.


The Manufacturing and Engineering industries have been concerned about the lack of young engineers and hopefully initiatives such as Tomorrow’s Engineers Week will help address this issue.

We were also excited to report two consecutive record sales months in September and October.  2017 was proving to be as successful as 2016.

Our latest Perfect Plant review focused on the brewing of beer and ensuring that all metal is removed to protect delicate processing equipment and the taste of the beer.


Pantomine BlogThe BBC TV series Blue Planet had highlighted the global problem of plastic waste in our oceans.  However, as the pressure increased on the plastics sector, we asked whether Plastic was the Pantomime Villain of the recycling world?

We hope you have enjoyed reading our news and blogs in 2017.  If there are any topics that you would like reviewed, then please get in touch and send an email to Paul our press officer (

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Bunting Europe Announces Record Monthly Sales

Continued UK Manufacturing Success for Bunting

Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd has had two consecutive months of record sales in September and October 2017.

The latest announcement of record monthly sales follows a prolonged period of growth.  Sales in 2016 reached a record high for the European operation and in January Bunting announced the acquisition of UK magnetic separator and metal detector competitor, Master Magnets.

Dave_Hills_Bunting_Magnetics_Europe-8758Dave Hills, Bunting Europe’s Head of Sales, gave an insight into the background of the latest record figures:

“Despite media reports of a potential slowdown in manufacturing and continued concerns about BREXIT, we [Bunting Europe] continue to see a growing demand for our products.  Our ongoing growth is the result of continued investment in our resources, both mechanical and personnel, whilst expanding our presence overseas.  It’s been tough, but we continue to work hard to execute our strategic plan.”

Sales growth has been across the Bunting product portfolio that includes the supply of high powered Magnets such as Neodymium, complex and bespoke Magnetic Assemblies, and Magnetic Separators for processing and manufacturing industries such as plastics and food.  The latest figures do not include sales for the Master Magnets part of their business, which has also seen significant growth in 2017 since the acquisition.

24 months ago, Bunting Europe set out a strategy to significantly expand their overseas network of sales representatives and distributors.  This has been supported with regular support at trade fairs, training and visiting customers to countries including Poland (SyMas Exhibition, October), Dubai (Arabplast, January), Spain (Exposolidos, February), South Africa (ProPak, March), and Belgium (AJ Solutions Open Day, March).

Bunting Master Magnets at RWM17
Magnetic Separators and Eddy Current Separators operating on the Bunting and Master Magnets stand at the RWM17 exhibition (Sept 17)

The export focus has also been supported by exhibiting at five major trade shows in the UK.  Bunting featured at the international plastics exhibition, Interplas UK in October, and also joined Master Magnets for a joint presence at two major recycling shows, Waste 17 (June) and RWM17 (September).

“Our marketing activity in 2017 has been very busy,” explained Hills, “and the result is sustained sales growth.  With that growth, we have to invest by expanding our team: in the offices, on the road, and on the shop floor.  It is an exciting time and we already working hard on implementing our plan for 2018.”

For further information on Bunting Magnetics Europe’s record sales months or their range of Magnets, Magnetic Assemblies, Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors, please contact us via:


Review of the Bulk Solids and Powders Industry in Poland

Tom Higginbottom Reports Following Attending the SyMas Exhibition

Last week, our Sales Engineer Tom Higginbottom spent 2-days at the SyMas Bulk Solids and Powders exhibition in Krakow, Poland with Bunting’s local representative, TEKPRO.  Whilst at the show, he gained an insight into the present state of the market and potential opportunities for UK exporters.Bunting_at_SyMas17-17

Tom gives us his insight in the show, local feelings about BREXIT, and the market in general

“SyMas was a really good show with a busy footfall.  There was a lot of equipment on show, from manufacturers based all over the world.

From the type of enquiries and from talking to clients and our distributor, it is clear that the bulk solids and powders sector is growing.  Despite being a member of the EU, Poland remains an emerging nation and wages are still lower than in more developed European countries like the UK, Germany and France, but that gap is closing.  Their skill base is very high and consistently improving.

There is a lot of Western European investment and many of the manufacturing facilities are state-of-the-art.  This matched with the lower wage cost and workforce skills make the Poles very competitive in both European and global markets.

It was interesting speaking with the Poles about the UK leaving the European Union.  Generally, people thought that being a part of the EU makes it possible to compete with larger economies such as China and the USA.  Brexit has introduced an unknown factor and there was a feeling that, without the UK, the EU would have less negotiating power on the world stage.SyMas Tube Magnets 2

I think that the growth of our local representative TEKPRO highlights the expanding market and potential opportunities in Poland.  Since they were founded 10 years ago, they have expanded their workforce from 4 to 84 people.  It is an exciting time and we are working closely with them to maximise our sales potential in Poland.

At the show we received enquiries for both Magnetic Separator and Metal Detectors, including 3 specific projects where clients require Pneumatic Self Clean Drawer Filter Magnets and Drum Magnets.

Attending the SyMas show was really worthwhile and allowed me to gain an insight into the market which simply is not possible without being at the exhibition.


And Krakow was a beautiful city.  I have never been before and found the people wonderfully friendly and the historical buildings beautiful.”

For further information on removing metal contamination from bulk goods, powders and granules with Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors please contact us on:

Other relevant Bulk Goods, Powders and Granules Articles


Record Sales Month for Bunting

Magnet and Magnetic Separator Manufacturer Hits New Heights

We are thrilled to announce that we recorded our highest ever monthly sales in September 2016.  The end-of-month sales figure surpassed seven digits and exceeded the previous highest month by 10%.

Simon Ayling, our Managing Director, explained the reasons for the continued growth.

“September 2016 was the culmination of a period of sustained sales growth.  Despite the negativity surrounding the recent Brexit vote, sales in both our domestic and export markets continue to be strong.  And feedback from our network of overseas representatives remains very positive.”

Bunting has two distinct divisions within our business.  The first specialises in providing Total Magnet and Magnetic Solutions and the company has been designing, manufacturing and supplying permanent and holding magnets and magnetic assemblies into a wide range of industries for over 50 years.  The second division provides Metal Separation solutions to the processing and manufacturing industries including Plastics, Recycling and Food with a range of Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors.

Bunting Grate Magnet
Grate Magnets or Magnetic Separators to capture ferrous metal contamination from free flowing materials

“Sales in September were approximately 35% up on our normal monthly run-rate.  We experienced strong demand from existing customers and a growth in new customers.  Sales of Metal Separation equipment into the Food, Plastics and Recycling industries were higher than normal.

“We also completed the design and manufacture of a bespoke, high voltage magnetising system for use in a high performance energy generation business.  This was despatched to the client in September for installation before the end of the year.  We are one of a small number of companies in the world who are able to handle projects for magnetisers.

At our manufacturing headquarters in Hertfordshire, we also design and supply a wide range of bespoke technical magnetic assemblies.  Simon explained the importance of this section of the business.

“In the UK, one part of our design team is focused on developing specialist magnetic assemblies.  Many British based businesses want to work with a UK based design team on development projects, resulting in sales growth.  Our expertise also means that we are able to support and supply many overseas clients in Europe and beyond.”

Simon remains very optimistic about the future, despite the reported concerns about economic downturns since the UK voted to leave the EU.

“We have just attended a very successful recycling exhibition called RWM and have just returned from a major plastics exhibition [K2016, Dusseldorf, 19th – 26th October 2016] in Germany.  We continue to work hard to maintain our growth, expanding our global network of representatives and our product portfolio.  We have a proactive marketing and sales plan and great team that keep us moving forward.”

For further information on Bunting Magnetics’ continued growth, please contact us on:

Bunting Magnetics Europe at RWM16
Bunting Magnetics Europe displaying Magnetic Separators at the UK recycling and waste exhibition RWM16 (Sept 13-15 2016)

Ferrous Metal Prices Fall

In a clear illustration of the volatility of the metals markets, the price of Ferrous Metal has dropped by £20 to £30 per tonne in the past few weeks as reported by MRW.  Further drops are also expected.

There is now a question whether the faint signs of recovery for other metals such as Stainless Steel and Nickel will be short-lived.

At the Waste 16 exhibition in Salford, UK, scrap and waste processors were explaining the difficulties of planning future investment in the present economic climate.  In terms of Magnetic Separation, that meant investing in equipment to enable better and cleaner metal recoveries, or the separation of materials previously deemed difficult (eg Stainless Steel or even Printed Circuit Boards).

When metal prices were high, the separation objective was simply focused on getting as much metal out as possible without necessarily assessing metal recovery rates or purity levels.  When assessing metal separation and recovery applications, we ask about metal recoveries and purity levels, and it is not unusual for this information to be unavailable or unknown.

Bunting Vulcanis--2

With metal prices so volatile, and not in a positive way, the importance of maximising separation and purity increases.  A small gain in both can generate more income whilst processing the same tonnage of material.

It is an issue we discussed with many visitors at Waste 16 and will probably remain a hot topic when we exhibit at RWM in September 2016.

For further information on Magnetic Separators and Eddy Current Separators for recycling applications, please contact us on:

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Is UK Manufacturing Really in Recession?

The BBC has reported that UK manufacturing has returned to recession for the 3rd time in 8 years.  This frightening statistic illustrates the challenges facing the manufacturing industry in the UK, with manufacturing output for the first quarter of 2016 being 1.9% lower than the same quarter in 2015.

However, there is some positive news, with PRW reporting that production of rubber and plastic products did show strong signs of recovery, increasing by 1.6%.  For us, this is good news as we supply equipment such as Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors to remove metal from the plastics process and we have seen a general increase in activity in that sector.

Bunting Drawer Magnet


Manufacturing provides the cornerstone for any economy and the uncertainty surrounding the future existence of steel production in the UK continues to dominate the news.  However, that uncertainty is not only related to steel production, with the UK’s referendum on EU membership gathering pace as we approach 23rd June.  The predicted outcome of whether the UK will or will not remain in the EU is very much in the balance.

As a UK manufacturer of Magnetic Separators and Magnets, we are very aware of the challenges.  Many of our customers are, themselves, manufacturers.  We have broadened our sights and worked hard this year to develop business overseas with new distributors and representatives.  The effect on our overseas business after the referendum is an unwelcome unknown and this is an uncertainty that doesn’t help when setting marketing and business strategies for the future.

These are challenging times for the UK’s manufacturing sector.

Imports Rise, But What About UK Manufacturers?

Plastic Machinery Imports Strongest for 11 Years

PRW featured the PMMDA report stating that 643 injection moulding machines were imported into the UK in 2015, the strongest numbers since 2004.  This is really positive news for the UK plastics sector and an indication of strong investment.

However, is this just another indication of the demise of manufacturing in the UK?

Having a strong manufacturing sector is vital to the success of any economy and there are many successful and growing UK machinery manufacturers.  At Bunting Magnetics Europe, we manufacture magnetic separators that are sold into many different industry sectors including plastics.


If this increase in the purchase of equipment overseas is an indicator of sustained growth and investment in the plastics sector, are there opportunities for new UK manufacturing companies to emerge?  The competition is very stiff, especially when imported from low cost manufacturing regions and countries such as China, but there are advantages.

This year’s uncertainty about the EU and the reported steel dumping by China has made many people sit up and think that supporting local business and manufacturing may be the way forward.  Dependence on purchasing overseas introduces a number of additional uncontrollable risks (eg political, economic, etc).  There needs to be a will and desire to change from business and Government.

An expanding UK manufacturing sector would be fantastic, but are the hurdles too frightening to face at this present time?

Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd manufacture a wide range of Magnetic Separation equipment at their European manufacturing headquarters in Berkhamsted.  For further information on any metal separation issue, please contact the Bunting sales team on:

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Welding at Bunting Magnetics Europe-4

More Concerns for UK Manufacturing?

1.8% Drop in Manufacturing Year-on-Year in February

As reported in PRW, the latest performance data for the UK’s manufacturing industry raises a number of questions and concerns.  A drop in production output of 1.8% on February 2015 is significant and must concern the UK Government.  Whilst the arguments and discussions surrounding the UK retaining steel manufacturing capabilities rumble on, this latest data highlights the delicate and fragile nature of the economy.

From a manufacturer’s perspective, there is no point in dwelling on the past, but instead assess ways to forge the future.  The UK has an excellent manufacturing industry that leads the world in many areas.  Yes, the global economy is delicate and it is a far bumpier ride than prior to 2008, but there are still great opportunities for successful, creative and dynamic manufacturing companies.

Developing business overseas has always been challenging, but is a vital part of most manufacturing companies businesses.  At Bunting, this was identified as a key part of our growth and so far this year we have:

Appointed New Representatives

Dave_Hills_Alain_Janssens_AJ_SolutionsWe are presently working on appointing new representatives in many other countries and if you are interested in joining the Bunting sales distribution network, then please contact us.

Plan to Exhibit in the UK and Overseas

Exhibiting our range of Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors overseas has always proven successful and this year Bunting will be exhibiting at:

  • Waste 16, AJ Bell Stadium, Salford (9th June 2016) – Bunting is the headline sponsor of Waste 16, an exhibition organised by Skip Hire Magazine.  Focusing on the waste and recycling sector in the Northern part of the UK, the exhibition continues to grow and is a key show for the sector.Waste 15-0105
  • RWM 2016, NEC, Birmingham (13th – 15th September 2016) – Following a very successful show in 2015, on stand 5T152-V153 Bunting will be demonstrating metal separation equipment for recovery and removal of metal from a wide variety of recycled and reclaimed materials.
  • K-Show, Dusseldorf, Germany (16th – 26th October) – On stand C11 in Hall 10, Bunting is displaying Metal Separation equipment including a range of Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors.

Developed and Launched New TechnologyBunting HISC Stainless Steel Separator-13

The new High Intensity Separation Conveyor (HISC), which is designed to separate weakly magnetic materials such as Stainless Steel and even Printed Circuit Boards, has proved to be a great success in the recycling industry (news as featured in HUB4 online).  Despite the recycling industry suffering from low material prices, the HISC has enabled companies to recover more and cleaner metal, adding value.

What does the Future Hold?

There are many aspects of the Marketing Environment that remain outside the control of any company like the UK’s membership of the EU or dumping of low cost goods and materials by low cost manufacturing regions.  By molding and changing those aspects within our control, UK manufacturing can continue to be a key part of the UK economy despite the future remaining challenging.

Comments and feedback from other UK manufacturing companies would be welcomed.

For further information, please contact Bunting on:

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Is Household Waste Recycling Economically Sustainable?

Councils Losing Income as the Price of Recycled Materials Falls

The slowdown in the global economy is impacting the viability of many recycling operations, reports the BBC.  Local authorities have seen falls in steel prices of 88% and a halving in the price of waste plastic.

Hanbury Plastics Bunting Overband Magnet-7954

The fall in the price of recycled materials comes at a time when the amount of waste being processed is continually increasing and as political pressure for increased recycling from the UK and European Parliaments intensifies.  And there does not appear to be any prospect of change in the near future.

The only way to potentially increase the value of the recycled waste is to increase the purity or further segregate.  Steel and Aluminium are two relatively easily recovered materials (by using Overband Magnetic Separators and Eddy Current Separators) but the value can be compromised if contaminated with paper and plastic.

Many waste recycling operations have targets that relate to throughput and not recycled material output and this often compromises quality.  Seeking advice from equipment suppliers to improve the purity of recycled products is one way to potentially recover a small part of the lost revenue from falling prices.

As the UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, demonstrated yesterday, predicting movements in the global economy is exceptionally difficult if not impossible and there is no short term expectation of a strong recovery or increase in the price of recycled materials.  Looking at increasing product purity and productivity are potentially the only ways to combat lost revenue.

For further information on equipment such as Magnetic Separators and Eddy Current Separators for metal recovery, please contact the Bunting Technical Sales Team on

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Bunting Vulcanis-1098