Master Magnets Brand Celebrates 40 Years

Celebrating Long Term UK Manufacturing Success

In October 2018, the Master Magnets brand celebrates its 40th anniversary.  In that time, the Birmingham based Magnetic Separator and Metal Detector manufacturer has developed a reputation as one of the leading technology companies in the recycling, mining and mineral processing industrial sectors.

Adrian Coleman (left) and Simon Ayling (right) on the Bunting stand at RWM18 exhibition

Since January 2017, the Master Magnets brand has been owned by Bunting Magnetics.  Bunting Magnetics is one of the world’s leading suppliers of Magnet related technology.  The European manufacturing headquarters are based in Berkhamsted in Hertfordshire, UK and they have an extensive overseas network of distributors and marketing agents.

Master Magnets was founded in 1978 by Geoff Worley, a qualified engineer with fifteen years’ experience in the magnetics industry.  The company grew steadily throughout the 1980s despite the economic challenges and was perfectly positioned for the increased demand in the early 1990s.

At the time, there was high levels of investment in the UK coal industry and globally located mineral processing projects.  Using his considered knowledge, Geoff and his team of engineers developed a range of magnetic separators specifically for those key industries.  For the coal and mining industries, they developed large Electro Suspension Magnets which would be suspended over conveyors to remove large tramp metal such as pit props and bars.  The drive in Mineral Processing was for higher purity non-metallic minerals.  The team designed the Induced Roll Magnetic Separator (IMR) and established a laboratory where clients could test materials.

As demand increased, the company expanded and made investments in new manufacturing technology including heavy-winding gear for ever-larger Electro Suspension Magnets.  A bespoke super-strength magnetiser, weighing over 14 tonnes, was acquired, one of the largest of its kind in the world.

Master Magnets Overband Magnet on a mobile shredder

Master Magnets also developed a reputation for manufacturing Permanent Overband Magnets.  Recycling was in its infancy, but several UK businesses were developing large mobile screens and crushers for construction and demolition sites.  Master Magnets worked with the companies to develop a compact but powerful Overband Magnet that needed limited power (the only power required is to operate the belt which can be done hydraulically or electrically).  Master Magnets continue to be one of the world’s largest producers of the Permanent Overband Magnet.

The Master Magnets brand became globally recognisable as export sales increased.  In 2003, Master Magnets acquired the company Integrated Recycling Systems and relocated to Redditch.  Further acquisition took place in 2005 with the purchase of the Metal Detection business.  This further expanded their manufacturing portfolio.  Customers were now able to purchase their metal separation and detection solution from one supplier.

Master Magnets continued to evolve and expand.  Worley took partial retirement and handed the reigns of the business to Adrian Coleman.  Coleman had started his career at Master Magnets in 1984 as an apprentice and witnessed the evolution of the company.

Adrian Coleman with Geoff Worley in 2008

“Master Magnets gave me the opportunity to develop my engineering career,” explained Coleman.  “In 1988, they supported me through a four year Mechanical Engineering course at Birmingham University.  This gave me the necessary engineering skills to join the design office.  As the company grew, I took up the position of Production Manager, before becoming Managing Director in 2008.”

In 2017, Worley agreed to sell the Master Magnets business to Bunting Magnetics.  He foresaw the investment needed to maintain Master Magnets’ reputation as a global leader and identified Bunting as the ideal partner.  Coleman was appointed as the General Manager, an important step that ensured business continuity.

The joint Bunting and Master Magnets team on the stand at RWM18

“Master Magnets has developed a long-standing strong identity and reputation as a leader in metal separation technology,” said Simon Ayling, Bunting Magnetics Europe’s Managing Director.  “The acquisition means that we can invest in their manufacturing facility in Birmingham and in the development of new separation technology.  When Geoff [Worley] founded the company, his aim was to produce well-engineered equipment to solve metal contamination and separation problems.  That challenge has been passed onto us and we are excited by the future.”

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Photographs 1, 2 and 4 taken by Paul Fears Photography

Our 2017 Review

A Look Back at Our News & Blogs from 2017

2017 has been another busy and exciting time for Bunting Magnetics Europe with some great news stories.  In this blog we look back at the past 12 months and review the stories that hit our headlines.


bunting_master_magnetsWe started the year by announcing that Bunting had acquired leading UK Magnetic Separator and Metal Detection company Master Magnets.  This changed the Magnetic Separator landscape in Europe.

At the same time, the Bunting team was exhibiting at the Arabplast exhibition in Dubai.  The plastics focused event was attended and visited by plastics professionals across the region.  Sales were even made on the stand!

Our 7th of our 8 Magnetic Separator Myths examined the impossibility of achieving 100% metal separation.

To finish off January, we announced record sales in 2016 despite the backdrop of Brexit and political uncertainty.


We started the month with our 8th Magnetic Separator myth, asking if it was possible to block a magnetic field.

Bunting also joined the British Plastics Federation, reflecting our longtime involvement in the sector providing metal separation solutions.

Bunting at Exposolidos 2017

Our exhibition focus in the month was Exposolidos in Spain with our local representative SMED Tecnica.

In February, we also asked the question of whether our Environmental future is simple down to design?  This was written in response to the growing awareness of the environmental impact of waste that would gradually intensify through the year.

We finished off the month with the launch of the Teardrop Tube Magnet, ideal for use in fine powders where bridging might be an issue.


The strength of a Magnetic Separator is often expressed in ‘gauss’.  However, the vast majority of people are unable to measure gauss and so we showed a simple practical way to check the magnetic power using a simple spring balance.

Our 9th Magnetic Separator myth highlighted the dangers of strong Magnets and our 10th myth looked at ways to easily and safely clean captured metal off  Magnetic Separators.

We also investigated a US FDA report stating the ‘Ingesting Metal Fragments Can Cause Injury‘.

In March, we exhibited at the Southern Manufacturing and Electronics show in Farnborough UK.


Metal is commonly found in spices and we examined a typical plant and identified the best locations for Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors.

We also reported that we sold a record number of Plate Magnets in 2016 for export to Indonesia and 28 In-Line Magnets to a German baby food producer.

New Bunting Sales EmployeesWith the continued growth of the business, we were thrilled to announce the appointment of two new sales engineers, Tom Higginbottom and Gordon Kerr.

In April, UK supermarket Morrisons was hit by a metal-in-food scare and we looked at how this could have happened and ways in which such a problem could have been prevented.


Our Food Safety theme continued in May when, during a metal separation survey, we found large amounts of metal safely captured when processing rice.  Our Perfect Plant review assessed the best methods and equipment location to ensure that metal is removed from Processed Vegetables.

Exports continued to proved successful with the shipment of a HFS Drawer Magnet to a Plastics recycling company in France.

Our technical review in May reviewed the effect of high temperatures on Rare Earth Magnetic Separators.


There was a political flavour to news in June after the UK’s general election and we investigated what the leading parties were promising with regards to the environment.  At the same time, Bunting and Master Magnets were jointly exhibiting at Waste 17, a major UK recycling show in Manchester.

The week after, Bunting supported local representative BMS France at the FIP Solution Plastique exhibition in Lyon, France.

To mark the UK’s Food Safety Week, we reviewed recent cases of ‘metal’-in-food’ and the potential implications for the manufacturer, sales outlet, and customer.


Denis_Elkins_Bunting_Magnetics_Europe-2176In July, we were thrilled to announce the successful transition to ISO9001 2015 Quality and the ISO14001 2015 Environmental Standards.

In the media there was increasing attention on the issue of plastic waste in the environment and we commented on the necessity of a global strategy for Plastic Waste.


The environmental theme continued in August asking if the UK could realistically increase their metal packaging recycling rate by 10% by 2020.


As a prelude to RWM17, the UK’s largest waste and recycling show, we looked at 3 UK Waste and Recycling Facts such as asking how much waste do we actually generate?

Bunting Master Magnets at RWM17

After exhibiting at RWM, there were many questions being asked by exhibitors and visitors about the future of the event despite the importance of recycling and the global waste problem.


Bunting Magnetics Europe at Interplas 2017

The UK’s leading plastics show, Interplas, is held every 3 years and, as in previous years, it was very well supported by both exhibitors and visitors.  The environmental issues associated with plastic waste was gathering momentum.

Removing metal from fine powders can be extremely difficult and we produced a technical report looking at the best techniques and ideal equipment.

Tom Higginbottom attended the successful Bulk Solids & Powders show SyMas in Poland with the local Bunting representative TEKPRO.


The Manufacturing and Engineering industries have been concerned about the lack of young engineers and hopefully initiatives such as Tomorrow’s Engineers Week will help address this issue.

We were also excited to report two consecutive record sales months in September and October.  2017 was proving to be as successful as 2016.

Our latest Perfect Plant review focused on the brewing of beer and ensuring that all metal is removed to protect delicate processing equipment and the taste of the beer.


Pantomine BlogThe BBC TV series Blue Planet had highlighted the global problem of plastic waste in our oceans.  However, as the pressure increased on the plastics sector, we asked whether Plastic was the Pantomime Villain of the recycling world?

We hope you have enjoyed reading our news and blogs in 2017.  If there are any topics that you would like reviewed, then please get in touch and send an email to Paul our press officer (

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Bunting Magnetics Review of Southern Manufacturing 2017

Southern Manufacturing 2017 News and Views

The 2017 Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Show held at FIVE in Farnborough, UK (21st to 23rd March) proved to be a great place to showcase Magnets, Magnetic Assemblies, and Magnetic Separators.

The 2017 Show was of a similar size to 2016 with a good number of visitors.  One of the highlights of the Show was the wide range of 3D printers.  They included UV curing systems, double material heads, and fibre impregnated polymers.

On the Bunting stand, we found that people were looking for inspiration and one of the most common questions was ‘How can we use Magnets to fix a problem?’

“Being at the show gave us the opportunity to talk through potential applications with customers,” explained our Technical Sales Engineer, Matthew Swallow.  “One customer involved in mouldings was looking for high temp magnets that could operate above 300 degrees.  We talked to them about Samarium Cobalt (SmCo), which is specifically designed for use in high temperature applications up to 350 degrees.  We are now working with them on the project.”

“We also met a company who were searching for an alternative to a bonded radially magnetised magnet with the objective of giving their motorbike more power.  They were not aware that the new radial sintered Neodymium Magnets are over 4.5 times more powerful.”

Bunting Teardrop Tube MagnetThere was a great deal of interest in the recently launched Teardrop Tube Magnet.  The new Magnetic Separation is used in processing plants to capture fine magnetic contamination.  The ‘Tear’ design is ideal when processing fine powders that have a tendency to bridge.

“We simply would not have got some enquiries if we were not at the show,” said Matthew.  “On one project, we were generally speaking with an existing customer who then mentioned the need for a much stronger sintered Neodymium Magnet.  However, they were really concerned about the subsequent assembly difficulties and safety implications.  They were unaware that we build Magnetic Assemblies and we are now in the process of arranging for the customer to send us the metal work for us to assemble.”

As a showcase for UK manufacturing, the Show proved to be a great success.

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Recyclable Product Design is vital to meet Future Recycling Targets

Is Our Environmental Future Simply Down to Design?

Technology that enables the separation of one or more materials from another has been essential even before the industrial revolution.  The more recent global necessity for the reclamation, reuse and recycling of materials has driven equipment developers to develop a wide range of separation systems to separate and purify materials such as metal, plastic and glass.  Separation is achieved using magnetics, infrared, metal detecting coils and X-Ray.

However, irrespective of the ability of the separation technology, successful separation is governed by the proportion of liberation.  This means that materials that need to be separated are free from each other.

Liberation is an age-old problem and one originally encountered in the mining and mineral processing industry.  An ore would be mined and then crushed to liberate valuable minerals.  Separation would then occur using magnetic separation, density tables, screens and other such technology, and the ability to separate and produce clean, valuable ore would dictate the viability and life of the mining operation.

The recycling industry has adopted very similar technology, with a focus on segregation, liberation, and separation.  This applies to all sectors of recycling irrespective of the material being processed.  The complexity of the recycling process is dictated by the material, and therein lies the problem.Bunting Vulcanis--2

Separation technology will continue to evolve.  There are new systems to magnetically separation stainless steel and PCBs and sensor-based sorters can be tuned to achieve incredible levels of separation.  Even robotics technology is entering the separation field.

Nevertheless, near 100% separation is not possible without good liberation and, although the technology for crushing, shredding and granulating is excellent, the recycling industry needs some new thinking from the designers of the primary products.

Too often, products are designed with different materials for no other reason that aesthetics.  Packaging is a prime example and although there have been advances made (eg not having metal tops of plastic bottles), there needs to be a complete rethink with a focus on the recyclability of a product.  The eventual recyclability of a product should bear more weight in the design criteria of a product than the appearance.  Why use several different types of plastic in one packaging product when one will suffice?plastic-bottles

Clever and forward thinking product design will make separation at all stages of the process easier and improve recycling rates.  This is an manufacturing industry issue and action is needed before the Government decides to introduce complex and unworkable legislation.  Designers should work closely with the recycling industry to understand what materials can be separated and how.  Improved designs will potentially reduce the cost of processing, increase the viability of the recycling operations, and have a positive impact on our environment.

Implementing such fundamental changes to the way products are designed will enable countries to reach the EU recycling target of 65% before 2030.  However, whether product designers list recyclability as one of the primary specifications remains questionable.

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Magnetic Separators at Southern Manufacturing and Electronics

Metal Separation Solutions from Bunting Magnetics

A range of Bunting Magnetic Separators will be displayed on stand U74 at the Southern Manufacturing & Electronics show held at FIVE in Farnborough, UK (21st to 23rd March 2017).

Magnetic Separators are used extensively in the process industry to capture problematic ferrous and magnetically-susceptible materials.  At the exhibition, Bunting will be displaying and demonstrating the magnetic strength of a Tube Cartridge MagnetsPlate Magnets and FF Drawer Grate Magnets.

Metal Found in Plastic Recycling Bunting Magnetics-2
Typical Metal Contamination

“Metal contamination is a real problem,” explained Dave Hills, Bunting’s Head of Sales.  “Not only does it damage processing equipment and affect product quality, but is can also prove costly in both monetary and reputation terms.”

Magnetic Separators are used in a wide range of industries including:

Perfect Plastics Plant
Plastics Flowsheet with Magnetic Separator and Metal Detector locations

“There are many different designs of Magnetic Separator for specific locations within a process plant.  We often provide free assistance visiting plants and working out the best and most practical location for the metal separators,” said Dave.

Bunting has been attending the Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Show for many years.  Also on display on the stand will be a selection of Magnets, Magnetic Assemblies, and Factory Magnet Solutions.  Many of these items are sold online through the eMagnets UK website.

“At Bunting we specialise in all things magnetic, whether that is a Neodymium Magnet Disc or a Rare Earth Plate Magnet.  Southern Manufacturing is one of the few shows where we display products from across all our range, from Magnets to Magnetic Chucks to Tube Magnets.”

For further information on Magnetic Separators or Metal Detectors, please visit the Bunting stand or contact our technical sales team on:

Bunting Europe at PRE 2015-2520

Expanding the Bunting Network into South Africa with Eder Design


Export Business Development in the African Plastics Sector

Eder Design in South Africa has joined the expanding Bunting distributor network and is presently exhibiting Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors at a major packaging, processing and plastics exhibition called PROPAK Africa 2016 being held in Johannesburg between 15th and 18th March.

Bunting_at_PROPAK2016 3A

Dave Hills, Bunting Europe’s Head of Sales, is presently at the exhibition with Eder Design on stand Hall 5 stand E21 providing training and support for the exhibition and is really impressed by the level of interest.

“Our growth strategy for 2016 and 2017 is to develop business overseas and appointing Eder Design is an important step into the totally new geographical market of Africa.  Johann [Eder, Owner of Eder Design] has a great working knowledge of our key primary markets of plastics and processing.  Eder represent other key suppliers to those industries including Piovan [Italy] and Rapid Granulators [Sweden] and BM Silos [Denmark] our range of Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors fir perfectly into their product portfolio.”

Bunting specialise in developing metal separation equipment, especially for the plastics sector.  Dave has been impressed by the level of interest.  “Metal contamination is a huge problem causing damage to process plant such as granulators and extruders as well as affecting end product quality.  So far, we have received a wide range of enquiries especially for FF Drawer Magnets, Inline Magnets and All-Metal Separators.  We have been working through the plastics flowsheet looking at the best location for the metal separation equipment.  Also, being here means that we can demonstrate the strength of our Magnets. It is always good to see people looking bemused by the sheer magnetic strength as a bolt is stuck onto a Grate Magnet.”

Johann is equally excited by the new partnership.  “The South African market is developing rapidly and we at Eder Design want to provide the best quality European processing equipment.  Hence working with companies such as Piovan, Rapid Granulators and, now, Bunting Magnetics Europe.  The vast majority of our customers have experienced or are experiencing metal contamination problems and we can now help provide cost-effective solutions.”

Johann was also pleased with Bunting’s commitment to developing business in South Africa.  “Having Bunting Europe’s Head of Sales on the stand is a huge statement of intent.  This is the kind of support we need and will be hugely beneficial for our sales team and customers.  It also gives Dave a chance to gain a greater understanding of the South African market and this will help when we are developing sales and marketing strategies moving forward.”

Bunting will be announcing additional appointments as they further expand their distribution network.  Companies interested in potentially joining Bunting’s growing network should contact Dave Hills (details below).

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Bunting Exhibition Success at Southern Manufacturing 2016

Magnets, Magnetic Separators and Magnetic Assemblies Generate Interest

Bunting Europe’s Head of Sales, Dave Hills, was thrilled with the response and level of interest at the Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Exhibition held at FIVE in Farnborough between the 9th and 11th February 2016.


“We generated 50% more leads than in 2015 and the quality of those leads is higher,” stated Hills.

“There was a great deal of interest in magnetic assemblies, including one from a German company who had travelled to the UK specifically to find potential suppliers.”

“Many visitors were actually surprised that we manufacture and design magnets and magnetic assemblies in the UK.  Sadly, over the past two decades, the number of companies in Europe with such magnet manufacturing and design expertise has fallen dramatically, with most supplies now coming from China.  Being at the show gave us the opportunity to stand up and shout about our UK manufacturing prowess, which was fantastic!” explained Hills.

“What we find is different about the Southern Manufacturing and Electronics show is the diversity of the visitors and exhibitors.  We have 3 distinct and very different product groups [Magnetic Separation & Metal Detection; Magnets & Magnetic Products; Magnet Production & Magnetic Assemblies) and this is the only show where we have interest right across our range.  We had a number of leads from plastic injection moulding companies for Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors to remove metal contamination.”

Hills is excited by the new opportunities.  “We met many customers and companies with whom we are already in discussion with regards to specific projects.  Since the show finished last week, our sales team has visited several companies who came to our stand.  The potential is fantastic!”

Photographs from the exhibition can be seen on the Bunting Photo Gallery.

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Magnetically Fanning Sheet Metal but How?

Helping Manufacturing Productivity and Safety with Magnets

Handling and prying apart ferrous metal sheets can be difficult especially if they are oily or polished.  The Metal Sheet Fanner uses magnetic forces to induce a magnetic field into the ferrous metal sheets, creating magnetic poles that then repel each other.  This then causes the end of the metal sheets to ‘fan’, enabling fabricators and operators to then easily select one sheet at a time.


There are different models, sizes and designs to suit a wide range of Metal Sheet sizes and operation environments.  These include:

  • Standard Sheet Fanners for manual handling operations;
  • Sheet Fanners for use on robotic lines that can be turned on and off;
  • Machine mounted Sheet Fanners;
  • Pivoting Sheet Fanners which are ideal for irregular shaped parts;

Bunting recently displayed and demonstrated the Magnetic Sheet Fanners at the Southern Manufacturing show in Farnborough, UK and shot a video showing a simple demonstration showing how a Magnetic Sheet Fanner works.

For further information or a new brochure on the Magnetic Sheet Fanner or further advice on Magnets and Magnetic Equipment, please contact the Bunting Europe customer service team on:

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Magnetic Demos at Southern Manufacturing

Bunting Magnetics Showing Exhibition Visitors the Magnetic Magic of the Metal Sheet Fanner

Demonstration has been key on the Bunting Magnetics Europe stand (U74) at the Southern Manufacturing exhibition being held at FIVE in Farnborough between the 9th and 11th February.

The equipment is simple.  It is a Magnet that simply splays metal sheets to make it easier to handle.  The Metal Sheet Fanner is nothing more than that.  However, manually trying to separate sheets of potentially oily steel can be a nightmare.  Try it or ask any fabricator.

This makes manufacturing life easier, improves productivity and makes the workplace safer.

To see how the Metal Sheet Fanner works, please drop by stand U74 at the show or take a look at the YouTube video.

For further information on what sizes of metal sheets can be handled and how the Metal Sheet Fanner can be installed, please contact our technical sales team on:

Telephone:+44 (0) 1442 875081


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New Website, Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd

Bunting Europe Launches New Website

New Digital Marketing Platform for Bunting

Bunting Magnetics Europe has launched a new dynamic and responsive website for Magnet and Magnetic Solutions to reflect several years of growth and changes in the business.

New Bunting Europe Website

Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd, the European arm of the global Bunting Magnetics Group, has a manufacturing facility in Berkhamsted, UK where they design, manufacture and supply a wide range of magnet and magnetic based solutions.

The new website will have three (3) distinct customer experience areas focusing on the wide-ranging products and services offered by the company including:

The new responsive website will provide information on products including descriptions, specifications and photographs as well as regular industry and product commentary via blogs.  A wide selection of Magnetic Equipment and Magnets will also be available for purchase online.

Simon Ayling, Bunting Europe’s Managing Director, explained the reasoning for the new website.

“The marketing landscape continues to evolve rapidly and the importance of digital marketing cannot be understated.  Companies need to be constantly reviewing their presence online, not only on their websites but also on social media platforms.  The new website has been designed to reflect those changes, becoming more informative and making it easier to use.  This is just the start and we already have plans to increase the amount of interaction on the site.  We also welcome feedback from all visitors.  This site has to work for them.”

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